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DCLI Launches New DIY Net Lease Quote Tool

Direct ChassisLink, Inc. (“DCLI”) is pleased to announce the availability of a new tool on the website that allows users to obtain pricing on a chassis net lease. The net lease quote tool is easy to use – by providing a few key pieces of information, potential customers can obtain a quote and start the net lease process in just a few clicks.

To build a quote, users specify the equipment type, equipment options – such as radial tires, LED lights, and GPS –the length of the lease they prefer, and where they want to pick up the equipment. After providing their basic contact information, users get a daily rate and contact information for our sales team, who can assist with getting contracts drawn up.

“Our customers and potential customers visit our website by the thousands, and many of them want options when it comes to their chassis equipment,” said Ryan Houfek, chief commercial officer with DCLI. “Our new do-it-yourself quote tool provides another opportunity for chassis choice by giving them immediate access to net lease pricing for the equipment they want, when and where they want it.”

In addition to seeing the quote on screen, users can choose to print out the results or download a PDF of the quote. An email with the quote details is also sent to users. The tool also enables users to start over and model a new quote using different parameters with a single click.

To try out the DCLI net lease quote tool, visit our website and click on the red “Get a Quote” link at the top of the home page.