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Inland Neutral Pool (INPZ) Los Angeles Terms and Conditions

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Inland Neutral Pool (INPZ) Los Angeles Terms and Conditions

Last Updated: May 1, 2018

  1. INPZ chassis are available for use by reservation only. Reservations can be made on the DCLI website. If you are not already a DCLI customer, to begin using INPZ chassis, please contact
  2. INPZ Los Angeles has a single start/stop location at:
    ConGlobal Industries, Inc.
    1711 Alameda St
    Wilmington, CA 90744
    Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri: 8:00AM – 4:15PM
  3. Any chassis sourced from the INPZ Los Angeles pool must be returned to the ConGlobal Industries facility in order to complete the move and stop the usage billing clock. INPZ Los Angeles chassis returned to any other location will continue to be billed to the reserving party at the quoted daily usage rate until it is gated in at the INPZ Los Angeles start/stop.
  4. If an INPZ Los Angeles chassis is returned to a location other than ConGlobal Los Angeles, a $250 migration fee may be assessed per occurrence.
  5. Current INPZ Los Angeles rate is:
    Number of Days Rate per day
    1 – 29 Days $19.75
    30+ Days $15.00


  6. Gate fees will be assessed on both the out-gate and the in-gate for any moves that are on the street for 8 days or less at a rate of $14.75 at out-gate and $14.75 at in-gate.
  7. DCLI reserves the right to amend INPZ Los Angeles rates and/or gate fees at its discretion by way of updating these Terms & Conditions.
  8. INPZ Los Angeles chassis are covered by DCLI’s Emergency Road Service Procedure