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December 18, 2014 : Severe Weather Emergencies

Charlotte, NC – December 18, 2014

Should a severe weather emergency cause the Port Authority of NY/NJ to close all five marine terminals*, Direct ChassisLink (DCLI) has agreed to waive per diem charges for the day of the port closure for all chassis on daily or pool usage agreements provided that they are returned to an authorized Stop Location within 24 hours of the closure. The above does not apply to chassis on term lease agreements. The waiving of the daily rental fee will be applied as a credit to your invoice, subject to the following:

1)   The chassis must have been interchanged from a DCLI Start/Stop location in the NY/NJ Port area one revenue day prior to the day of the port closure;

2)   Credits will be applied only to each business day that PANY/NJ closes All Five Container Terminals* For a Full Business Day.

3)   Credits will be for the day the port is closed and will be in the amount of the daily usage fee that would be charged  for the day of a closure

4)   Credits will not be issued for holidays or weekends.

The  Port’s  Winter Weather Plan may be accessed through the following link: (

* Port Newark Container Terminal, Maher Terminal, APM Terminal, Global Ocean Terminal, New York Container Terminal