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Genset Road Service

Applicable to Trucker(s)/Motor Carrier(s) Operating Direct Chassis Link, Inc. (DCLI) Gensets Under Direct DCLI Genset Interchange Agreement

Policy Effective Date: 10/9/2017

All emergency road service repairs to Direct ChassisLink, Inc. (DCLI) gensets under a DCLI Genset Interchange Agreement must be facilitated through the designated DCLI Call Center utilizing its authorized vendor network. Any Trucker(s)/Motor Carrier(s) facilitating repairs and/or utilizing outside repair vendor networks other than the designated DCLI Call Center will not be covered or reimbursed under this policy.

DCLI Call Center:

Phone:  732-657-7200 (Mark-it Services)


Notice: A common cause of gensets not operating is that they are out of fuel. Please be sure the fuel level has been checked before proceeding with a Road Service request.


DCLI Road Service Policy Rules

  1. All DCLI Call Center-authorized Road Service bills will be paid by DCLI and road service repairs will be analyzed by DCLI’s vendor to determine M&R financial responsibility as between DCLI or the applicable Trucker(s)/Motor Carrier(s) with the exception of genset being out of fuel.
  2. The following items are excluded from EMERGENCY Road Service:
    a. Replacement of clogged fuel filters due to out of fuel
    b. Purge & prime fuel system
  3. DCLI will rebill damage outside of ordinary wear and tear or the excluded items set forth in Section 2 above, as determined by DCLI in its sole discretion, to the Trucker(s)/Motor Carrier(s) which by interchange is in possession of the genset. Any Trucker(s)/Motor Carrier(s) not paying or refusing to pay for Road Service bills will no longer be eligible for DCLI road service until all bills are fully paid.
  4. In certain cases, the driver may be directed to take the genset to the nearest manufacturer dealer outlet for service (i.e., Carrier, Thermoking).
  5. Road Service is intended for emergencies only. ANY Road Service call determined by DCLI to be non-emergency will be handled and paid for by DCLI, however the dollar amount by which such non-emergency road service repair exceeds the normal “on-terminal cost” for such repair (defined as the cost to DCLI if such repair had been addressed at a nearby terminal or location, as determined by DCLI in its sole reasonable discretion, including any service fees, facilitation fees, and costs of labor and parts), will be rebilled to the responsible Trucker(s)/Motor Carrier(s).
  6. Road Service will NOT be available to ANY delinquent Trucker(s)/Motor Carrier(s) until all invoices for chassis and genset usage or other charges payable by the Trucker/Motor Carrier to DCLI in excess of sixty (60) days past due are fully paid to DCLI. DCLI’s billing/collections department will provide the DCLI Call Center with a daily Road Service exclusion list identifying delinquent Truckers/Motor Carriers who are ineligible for road service.
  7. Placing a call for Road Service is a commitment on the part of the Trucker(s)/Motor Carrier(s) to be present for the completion of such service call. If the driver decides to leave the scene of the road service request without receiving Road Service, or prior to the dispatched authorized Road Service vendor arriving, DCLI will bill the Trucker(s)/Motor Carrier(s) for the Road Service vendor’s “dry” run, no exceptions. In the event any Trucker(s)/Motor Carrier(s) refuse to timely pay invoices for any dry run rebill, such Trucker/Motor Carrier will no longer be eligible for future Road Service until all dry run bills are fully paid.
  8. The scope of this policy is limited only to gensets being operated under a DCLI genset interchange agreement and does not extend to reefer containers or their components. In the event a call for Road Service is placed, and the Road Service vendor determines the genset to be fully operational, the Road Service call will be deemed a dry run and DCLI will bill the Trucker(s)/Motor Carrier(s) for costs in connection therewith. In the event any Trucker(s)/Motor Carrier(s) refuse to timely pay invoices for any dry run rebill, such Trucker/Motor Carrier will no longer be eligible for future Road Service until all dry run bills are fully paid.


DCLI Call Center Road Service Information Requirements

Each Trucker/Motor Carrier will provide the following details to the DCLI Call Center in connection with each road service request:

1. Trucking/Motor Carrier Company Name and Phone
2. Who Initiated Call? Driver, Dispatcher, Other (be specific)
3. Driver Name and Phone Number
4. Out-Gate Location, Time and Date
5. Genset number, Tractor Number, Chassis Number, Container Number, Loaded or Empty
6. Hazardous, Live Reefer, Out of Gauge Cargo
7. Road Service Location: Trucker Yard, Shippers Dock, On Road, Side of Road
8. Physical Address, Cross Streets, City, Township etc.
9. Distance from Load Destination or Terminal
10. Description of the Mechanical Failure to the Best of Driver’s Ability
11. Declare if the Road Service Event Involves an Accident of ANY Kind


Additional Disclaimer

DCLI agrees to accept financial responsibility for emergency road service repair costs as outlined above, which include the actual repair costs, and under certain circumstances costs related to the repair. DCLI hereby expressly disclaims any responsibility to pay or reimburse any Trucker/Motor Carrier for incidental charges such as driver waiting time, missed appointment fees, demurrage, costs related to damaged cargo or similar charges, and per the terms of Section 12 of the DCLI genset Interchange Agreement, any such special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages of any type or character resulting from the use, misuse, possession or operation of any intermodal gensets are not the responsibility or liability of DCLI.