New Marine Customer Registration


New Marine Customer Registration

If you are interested in becoming a new customer for DCLI’s marine chassis pools, please follow the steps outlined below. Note that all of these items must be completed before you are authorized to begin using DCLI chassis equipment.

  1. Complete the online portion of our registration process.

  2. Once Step 1 has been completed, you will receive a Docusign email from including the following:

Once you have completed the DocuSign Interchange agreement and sent back the information specified in the email, we will review your account and, once approved, you will be notified via email
Note: Both the DocuSign email and the setup completion confirmation email will be sent to the email address that you provide in Step 1.

If you use DCLI chassis equipment before all of these steps are completed, you will be considered an Unregistered User and the applicable terms and conditions will apply to your account.

If you have any questions as you are completing our new customer registration process, don’t hesitate to email or call (704) 594-3802.