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64,000+ chassis

  • Incorporated as Direct ChassisLink, Inc. to serve three primary Ocean Carrier customers

  • Established the first daily-rental model in New Jersey


80,000+ chassis

  • Acquired by LittleJohn & Co. – the first of several private equity owners
  • Expanded the daily rental chassis pool model to other markets around the country
  • Joined CCM and became the GACP pool manager in the Pacific Southwest region.
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117,000+ chassis

  • Acquired Specialty Chassis fleet from Penn Leasing
  • Began investments in fleet enhancements including radial tires and LED lights
  • Purchased REZ-1, now Blume Global
  • Created the Pool of Pools in LA/LB
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136,000+ chassis

  • Acquired by EQT Partners
  • Launched Genset pool pilot
  • Established several off-dock chassis pools across the country

230,000+ chassis

  • Acquired by Apollo Funds
  • Purchased Domestic chassis fleet from TRAC Intermodal
  • Became the world’s largest chassis leasing and pool operating company

243,000+ chassis

  • Invested $85M in chassis refurbishment program and fleet enhancements
  • Expanded customer service, account management, and road service practices to improve the trucker experience

260,000+ chassis

  • Acquired by GIC, OMERS Infrastructure, and Wren House
  • Invested $1B in chassis fleet additions and enhancements to meet customer demand and improve supply chain fluidity
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A History of Growth


Since 2009, DCLI has generated consistent growth through expansion, acquisition, and innovation. We pioneered the exit of ocean carriers from the chassis business and today are the largest provider of marine and domestic chassis to the intermodal industry with over 500 locations on or near key port facilities and intermodal hubs throughout the U.S.

Investing in a Great Trucker Experience HP Image

Investing in a Great Trucker Experience


We have invested more than $2B in our chassis fleet through programs like radial tire and LED light conversion and chassis refurbishment. These investments have kept our marine and domestic chassis operating above and beyond industry quality standards.


Your Success Is Our Priority


Every day, we are listening, strategizing, and adjusting how we operate to ensure that we deliver a great driver experience. From improving our road service delivery to establishing new off-terminal chassis start/stops, we do all this to ensure that DCLI is your chassis partner of choice.


We Are Committed to Being Your Chassis Partner of Choice


Our experienced customer support, sales, logistics, and operations professionals are ready to provide you with assistance and answer any questions you may have. Whether you need Road Service assistance, are looking to lease a chassis, need assistance with an invoice, or have a question for our Logistics staff, we’re ready to help.


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Customer service rep

We are committed to tailoring business solutions and delivering service excellence that exceed customers’ expectations.

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We treat all people with respect, listen to, help, and encourage each other, fostering a culture of trust.


We are inclusive and work together to leverage each other’s diverse skill sets, understanding that through teamwork, we accomplish more than we can individually.


We are honest in all matters, choosing what is right above all else.


We are committed to the well-being of the communities we serve and contribute to the cause through our individual and company resources.


We share a personal and professional commitment to protecting the safety and health of our employees, and ensuring that our equipment meets the highest safety standards.


Consider a Career

with DCLI

What our employees are saying

Alexis Rudd Corporate Headshot PNG

Alexis Rudd

Customer Success Specialist

The culture here is amazing - I could feel how much DCLI values its employees from the moment I started. I genuinely enjoy working with my team daily, helping our customers, and learning about the chassis industry.

Carissa Green for website

Carissa Green

Purchasing Coordinator

DCLI operates with integrity and responsibility while prioritizing its employees’ well-being, growth, and development.

Luong Duong PNG

Luong Duong

Operations Analyst

DCLI not only encourages and provides opportunities for its employees to grow but is also big on work-life balance. As a husband and father, that’s important to me.

Deisha Shackleford PNG

Deisha Shackleford

Road Service Coordinator

The thing I most enjoy about working for DCLI is being a part of an organization that is fast paced and growth oriented while at the same time upholding values that I believe in.

Meg Headshot PNG

Megan Papadakis

Senior Manager, Digital Marketing

I look forward to every day because of the talented, friendly, and hard-working group of individuals that I work with. I have had amazing opportunities to learn and grow in my roles here - personally and professionally.

Michael B Headshot PNG

Michael Burns

Customer Success Manager

The people who work at DCLI are so warm, welcoming, and supportive. I never feel uncomfortable going to anyone with questions.