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With DCLL, you can have your chassis lease your way.
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Direct ChassisLink Leasing provides customizable options for the type of equipment, chassis upgrades, chassis lease types and terms, and more.

We are committed to being your chassis partner of choice and Direct ChassisLink Leasing (DCLL) is just one more way we put chassis procurement choice into your hands. You select the equipment type and quantity that best matches your book of business, configure the options for tires, lights, and other enhancements to meet your specifications, then set the length of your chassis lease term and where you’ll pick the chassis up.

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DCLL offers everything you need for your drayage business.

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DCLL gives you loads of options from the largest supplier of chassis in the industry. Need 20 53-foot domestic chassis that are galvanized and have new radial tires for a 3-year term? You’ve got it! Looking to on-hire 10 refurbished 40/45 extendable chassis that have GPS? No problem. Configure your own mini chassis fleet to whatever specifications your drays require.

When you choose a Full-Service Chassis Lease with DCLL, the name says it all – all of the benefits of having your own chassis equipment with none of the hassles. We take care of the maintenance and repairs for normal wear and tear so you never have to worry about your equipment’s condition. While the price is a bit higher than what you would pay for a chassis on a net lease, you’ll save yourself the time, money, and effort spent dealing with keeping your chassis in top condition.

When you Net Lease with DCLL, your chassis will be on hand, where and when you need it, with no worries about where you’ll secure the wheels for your next dray. You’ll manage the chassis almost as if it were your own. And, because you maintain and repair the equipment that you’re leasing, you’ll get a lower daily rate on your chassis lease than with a full service chassis lease.

We have invested more than $80 million in our chassis refurbishment program. And many of these chassis are being selected for DCLL contracts. These like-new chassis come standard with radial tires and LED lights – almost every component is updated. Refurbished chassis deliver superior performance for your drays giving you the experience of pulling a new build unit at a lower cost.

In a past survey*, information collected by DCLI indicated that over 70% of motor carriers who had access to their own chassis equipment were able to perform additional turns every day, with the majority indicating one to two more per day. That extra productivity means that DCLL could deliver added revenue for your business.

* Survey conducted by DCLI included responses from 190 motor carriers located across the US who owned or leased their chassis equipment.

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Download the Direct ChassisLink Leasing product overview to learn about the benefits of having your chassis equipment on hand, where and when you need it.

Then, when you’re ready to get started, you can model a lease using our online, do-it-yourself Get a Quote tool.


Interested in learning more about opportunities to reduce your overall chassis expense by consolidating your drayage volumes, transitioning to a new product offering, or bundling our product options? Contact one of our sales team members.