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Direct ChassisLink Pools

With DCLP, our aim is to be your chassis partner of choice by delivering a great trucker experience to everyone who uses our chassis pools.

DCLI has invested in the quality and operational efficiency of our competitive Direct ChassisLink Pools (DCLP) across the country with the goal of transforming the way that chassis work within the intermodal supply chain. With inventory information that’s updated three times each day, you’ll know where you can access an assortment of marine chassis equipment to meet the needs of your drayage business.

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$200 M
spent on fleet enhancements and upgrades
of the fleet operating on radial tires
$80+ M
invested chassis refurbishment
start/stops at ports, terminals, CYs, and rail ramps

America’s supply chain depends on truckers.


Truckers can depend on DCLP to keep them moving.

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DCLP gives you access to a wide variety of chassis equipment that’s ready when you are at convenient on-terminal and near-terminal locations across the country. You’ll be charged the market rate and only receive a bill for the time that you pull a chassis out of a start/stop location until you return it. You’re never far from the equipment your job requires.

We’ve improved the utility and timeliness of the inventory information on our website and are working tirelessly to rebuild safety stock to make sure that you have the equipment you need to get the job done.

We’re continually investing in DCLP – from routine M&R to whole chassis refurbishment to the complete radialization of our fleet in 2024. We’ve spent hundreds of millions of dollars on our DCLP chassis to ensure we’re providing a great trucker experience every day, every dray.

The DCLP model allows us to move chassis to markets where they are needed most. Under the competitive pool model, we maintain control of our own assets and thus have the incentive to move and/or add new chassis to various pool locations in order meet customers’ needs and support any volume surges.

DCLP is just one of the ways we can serve your chassis equipment needs. We offer a variety of different procurement models offering you real chassis choice. If you are interested in learning more about opportunities to reduce your overall chassis expense by consolidating your drayage volumes, transitioning to a new product offering, or bundling our product options, please contact our sales team and see whether our VIP program could be a fit for your business.

Interested in becoming a DCLP customer?

It’s easy to begin the registration process online. Once that step is completed, you’ll receive a Docusign email from  customersetup@dcli.com including the following:

  • a Business Application
  • the DCLI Interchange Agreement

You will also need to be in compliance with our Insurance Requirements.

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