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Direct ChassisLink Reserve

DCLR offers guaranteed, reservation-based access to premium-quality chassis at an attractive rate.

Having a choice when it comes to pool chassis means that you can select the procurement option that best fits your book of business. As your chassis partner of choice, we are pleased to offer Direct ChassisLink Reserve (DCLR), our premium chassis pool, as another option for your drays.

With DCLR, you can reserve a premium marine chassis for your move at a favorable market rate. You’re guaranteed that your chassis will be waiting for you, in road-ready condition, and will be available for your use as long as you choose to keep it out gated.

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years since manufacture, remanufacture, or refurbishment
of DCLR chassis have radial tires, LED lights, and GPS
DCLR locations will open in 2024 with more to come
guaranteed availability with volume or utilization commitment
or more less expensive than the market average rate

A premium chassis available when you need it – it’s what you get every time with DCLR.

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Every DCLR chassis is part of a reserve pool of premium equipment that adheres to the highest quality standards. Each unit is seven years old or newer (manufactured, remanufactured, or refurbished). All chassis are equipped with radial tires and LED lights. And every unit is outfitted with GPS for enhanced tracking capabilities. You’re guaranteed a premium piece of equipment with every DCLR reservation that you make.

Once registered as a DCLR customer, to ensure that your chassis is ready when you are, you must make a reservation. It’s a simple process that can be found in our handy Reservation Guide. Once you’ve made your reservation, your chassis will be waiting for you when you arrive and guaranteed available for your dray. It’s one more way that DCLR can improve the efficiency of your business.

DCLR chassis are available at a favorable per-day rate for anyone who registers and makes a reservation . If you are able to guarantee certain volumes and utilization rates for your drays, you can earn additional discounts off our published daily rates, making DCLR an even better, more profitable solution for your business.

DCLR locations are conveniently located near where your drayage business takes you. Our premier location, the Navy Way Chassis Depot, is conveniently located next to APMT and TTI near the ports of LA and Long Beach. And we will be opening at least three more locations this year – the next being in Savannah, GA  located less than 1.5 miles from the Georgia Port Authority main gate. You can pick up a DCLR chassis with no need for split trips or extra driver miles.

It’s simple to use DCLR chassis and we provide easy-to-follow How To guides for everything you need. Just make a reservation to ensure that your chassis will be expertly inspected by our M&R team and road-ready when you arrive. If you want to keep the chassis for another dray, you can street turn it to another billing cycle in just a few quick steps. Our Customer Service team is always available to help should you have any questions.

Interested in learning more about DCLR?

Download the DCLR information sheet and see how having premium chassis available for your drays – guaranteed – can benefit your business.


For more information or to sign up for DCLR, contact our sales team.