At DCLI, we take safety seriously.

Not only do we have the most M&R personnel in the industry and the highest standards for our vendor partners, we’re continuously updating our fleet with new chassis and adding better components to existing equipment. By providing one of the newest and safest fleets on the road, we can ensure greater performance, reliability, and driver safety for our clients.

Our “Safety Always” Corporate Culture

We are members of the National Safety Council and the Safety and Health Council of North Carolina.


We also focus on safety for our employees. We are proud of our safety record which shows 0 OSHA-reportable events in the last five years. Safety is also one of our Core Values.

Our Systematic Maintenance Program

Systematic maintenance of equipment is a key factor in ensuring safe operations for our customers and the public. In compliance with FMCSA guidelines, we strive to maintain our program with pre- and post-repair inspection and validation of M&R performed on our chassis.

Our Latest Safety Initiatives

Over the last several years, we’ve focused on updating our fleet from bias-ply tires to radial tires. Not only do radial tires last longer, especially under a load, they provide better traction and stability, ensuring the safety of drivers and their cargo.

We’ve also focused on transitioning our fleet from incandescent lights to LED lights. This transition provides drivers who use our chassis with the chance to make their equipment more visible when it’s on the road, due to both the improved brightness and longer life of LED lights.

Most importantly, we’ve added new chassis to our fleet every year so that we can offer you newer, upgraded equipment to meet your expectations around quality and safety.

And we’ll continue to update our fleet as better components and technology becomes available.