Daily Market Rates

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Daily Rates

Find the market rate for daily usage of our marine chassis in the tables below.

Find the latest market rates for standard marine chassis in your region below:

Effective Date: January 1, 2024*

Gulf (DAL) $28.75
Gulf (All Other) $22.25
Midwest $27.25
Northeast (BAL) $31.00
Northeast (NY/NJ, PA) $36.25
Oakland $33.50
Pacific Northwest/DCCP $33.00
Pacific Southwest (PoP) $39.00
Southeast (MEM, NAV) $24.50
Southeast (Tampa) $24.25
Southeast (All Other DCLP) $34.00



Rates for specialty chassis are listed in the table below:

Effective Date: April 2, 2018*

1 – 29 Days $40.00
30+ Days $30.00


Scenario: Customer reserves a specialty chassis and keeps it out for 37 days.

Specialty Chassis Cost: ($40 x 29 days) + ($30 x 8 days) = $1400



Rates for unregistered users are listed in the table below:

Effective Date: January 1, 2024*

All Markets / All Chassis Types $55.00


For additional information, please refer to the Unregistered Users Terms and Conditions.


*All DCLI published rates exclude gate fees and other charges incurred upon the gate-in or gate-out of a chassis. Any such fees assessed to DCLI will be passed along to the customers’ account and included as a separate line item on the invoice. All DCLI marine pool chassis usage is subject to a $5.00 per incident usage surcharge for the administration of any toll violations or other similar traffic citations issued to DCLI in connection with your use of the chassis.


If you are interested in learning more about opportunities to reduce your overall chassis expense by consolidating your drayage volumes, transitioning to a new product offering, or bundling our product options, please contact our sales team and see whether our VIP program could be a fit for your business.