DVER Inspection Reporting

DVER Inspection Reporting

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Federal law and regulations* require that motor carriers notify intermodal equipment providers of all roadside inspections and their results.

DCLI asks that motor carriers instruct their drivers to turn in any chassis-related Driver Vehicle Exception Reports (DVERs) received during roadside inspections to the DCLI representative at the ocean terminal, rail ramp, or container yard to which the inspected equipment is returned.

If for any reason the DVER can’t be turned in at the interchange point, motor carrier dispatch should scan and email the report to DVER@dcli.com.

Any DVER requiring immediate repairs or responses to state or federal agencies must be sent immediately so that repairs can be made and the agency issuing the DVER/citations can be notified that requirements have been met.


*49 CFR 369.9 (d)(1) The driver of any motor vehicle, including a motor vehicle transporting intermodal equipment, who receives an inspection report shall deliver a copy to both the motor carrier operating the vehicle and the intermodal equipment provider upon his/her arrival at the next terminal or facility. If the driver is not scheduled to arrive at a terminal or facility of the motor carrier operating the vehicle or at a facility of the intermodal equipment provider within 24 hours, the driver shall immediately mail, fax, or otherwise transmit the report to the motor carrier and intermodal equipment provider.