Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Disputes


Customizing Your View in the Disputes Portal

Why does the order of the moves listed on my invoice audit Excel spreadsheet not match the order they are listed in on the Disputes Portal?

  • All users of the Disputes Portal can rearrange the default settings by sorting the Out Location in ascending order, so the order the moves are listed in on both the website and invoice audit match.



If I take a chassis out at 3:00 PM on Monday and return it at 11:00 AM the following day, having it out less than 24 hours, how many days will I be charged?

  • The motor carrier would be invoiced for 2 days. In accordance with the DCLI Chassis Interchange Agreement, DCLI invoices all chassis usage per calendar day, not per 24-hour period, including all holidays and weekends.

My driver had to wait three hours at the terminal to pick up a container already mounted on a DCLI chassis. He did not know he could not use a DCLI chassis for the container and terminal personnel did not tell him any difference. We do not believe we should be held responsible for the terminal’s mistake and if our driver had told them it was on the wrong chassis, he would have been at the terminal another three hours. Can we be issued credit?

  • No. It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure the proper equipment is being utilized and mounted correctly before leaving the terminal. If your driver is picking up a container wheeled and it is on the wrong chassis, it needs to be flipped onto the right equipment before your driver leaves the terminal.

What do I do if I receive an invoice for a move already billed for another chassis provider?

  • If you were invoiced by DCLI and another chassis provider for the same move, please provide a copy of the invoice that you received from the other chassis provider when you submit your

    dispute. These invoices will be used during the research process in determining which chassis provider correctly invoiced the chassis usage.

We have no record of our company handling this move and believe billing is incorrect. Do you have truck or a driver name you could provide that might help us confirm?

  • DCLI generates billing to the out gate motor carrier based off the information received from the terminals in the form of an EDI feed and DCLI employs many measures to ensure correct billing  based on this information. We are happy to provide you with additional information regarding the chassis usage for which you have been invoiced; however, DCLI can only provide the information that is made available to us from the terminals (which is limited to either TIRs and/or EDI feeds). If you require information beyond the TIR and/or EDI that has been provided, you will need to contact the terminal to see if they can assist you further with driver names, license plates, etc.

  • Please also note, refusal to remit payment for chassis usage within the terms specified on your invoice, after all the information made available to us by the terminal has been provided to you, will result in your company being placed in shut-out status, prohibiting you from using DCLI equipment until this status is removed by DCLI at its sole discretion. Additionally, further collection activities may be taken against your company by DCLI in order to collect outstanding balances.


Port Congestion

The port was not accepting OOLU empties the date we tried to return the equipment, so we were forced to keep the equipment an extra 3 days. Can we be issued credit?

  • Terminal congestion is a common problem in the LA/LB/Oakland ports, especially in peak season, and it is a part of the industry. Chassis charges are the responsibility of the motor carrier who out gated our equipment and DCLI can’t be held liable for these types of situations, nor can we reduce the chassis charges for a customer who was in possession of our equipment, making it unavailable for other customers to utilize. You will need to remit payment to DCLI for charges and seek reimbursement directly from the affected steam ship line.


Old Charges

Why is DCLI just now invoicing me for moves that are almost a year old?

  • DCLI strives to invoice chassis charges in a timely manner; however, there are instances in which circumstances beyond DCLI’s control result in delayed billing. DCLI is not a subscriber to UIIA, and in accordance with the DCLI Chassis Interchange Agreement, DCLI reserves the right to invoice for any and all chassis usage regardless of the age of the move.


Questions about Billing

The reason for my dispute is not listed, which option should I choose?

  • If the reason for your dispute is not listed, you can select “Questions about Billing,” then please provide a brief explanation as to the reason you are disputing your invoice.


Repo Moves

Why did we receive an invoice for moves we made on behalf of DCLI?

  • For any repositioning moves made at the request of DCLI, please dispute the moves as repositioning moves. A DCLI work order must be provided when disputing a move as repositioning for DCLI.


Domestic Chassis

How do I dispute my domestic usage bill?

  • Currently Domestic usage disputes are not processed on our web portal. Please complete this form and submit it via email to Make sure to include all requested information and back-up documentation to expedite your claim.


Steamship Lines

Why is DCLI invoicing me for moves that should be covered by the steamship line?

  • Per Hapag Lloyd, charges for chassis usage will only be reviewed within the first 90 days of the move completion date, within the areas DCLI is designated as Hapag Lloyd’s preferred chassis provider. If the charges for chassis usage occurred outside of an area Hapag Lloyd has designated DCLI as their preferred chassis provider, the usage will remain billed as merchant haulage, unless prior approval from Hapag Lloyd is provided with your dispute and confirmed by Hapag Lloyd.


  • When disputing charges for Hyundai, please specify what type of move is being disputed (Door Move, Customer Exemption, etc.) and provide the customer’s name, service contract number, or any information or documentation that is available.


  • All Maersk disputes must be submitted directly to Maersk by sending the original invoice and detailed invoice audit to If approved, Maersk will notify DCLI and the motor carrier will receive a credit notification. If charges are denied, they remain valid and due to DCLI.


  • Moves for MOL must be disputed with MOL directly. Requirements for chassis reimbursements may be found here. The reimbursement submission form may be found here.


  • Per OOCL, they will no longer review any disputed moves and have instructed DCLI to bill the motor carrier. Please remit payment to DCLI, then contact OOCL for verification of chassis usage exemption and reimbursement, at LGBCHZINV@OOCL.COM.


  • Please specify what type of move is being disputed (Door Move, Customer Exemption, etc.) and provide the customer’s name, service contract number and any other information or documentation that is available. DCLI can only rebill charges for chassis usage to steamship lines with whom DCLI has agreements and only if we receive written approval from such SSL’s authorized representatives.

  • If DCLI does not have an agreement with a SSL to invoice them for chassis usage directly, billing will remain as merchant haulage. It will be your responsibility to pay DCLI directly for the chassis usage and seek reimbursement from either the SSL or the customer for whom the move was made. Payment is required within the terms listed on your invoice.

Why am I now being billed for MSC container moves?

  • MSC recently began a direct chassis billing program in coordination with several of their NVOCC customers. Due to this, you will be receiving an invoice directly from DCLI for any MSC shipments which are classified as Merchant Haulage shipments, and chassis usage charges (CUC) are not included on the manifest at origin. These chassis charges are payable by the motor carrier to DCLI. If you have any questions regarding chassis charges you’ve received from DCLI for MSC shipments, please contact Stavros Baxevanoglou, Nationwide Chassis Logistics Manager at MSC, or your MSC commercial representative.


Valid Start/Stop Locations and Gate-In Prior Disputes

How do I know which locations are valid start/stops where I can drop equipment and what happens if I turned the equipment in before the invoiced date?

  • It is the responsibility of the motor carrier using DCLI equipment to be aware of which locations are valid start/stop locations and ensure the equipment is returned to an approved start/stop location. Failure to do so will cause the billing clock to continue under the out-gate motor carrier’s SCAC code until the chassis has been properly gated into a valid location. A list of valid start/stop locations can be found on the Regional Information website page.

  • If equipment is gated into a valid start/stop location before the date indicated on the invoice, documentation must be provided from the terminal to substantiate your dispute.


Other FAQs


Road Service

Help! My chassis is broken down and I’m stuck on the side of the road. What should I do?

  • For emergency roadside assistance on a DCLI marine chassis (including our specialty chassis), you can get in touch with our Road Service department by calling 704-594-3800 and selecting Option 6 or you can send an email to Full details about the marine chassis Road Service policy are on our website.


  • For road service on a DCLI 53’ domestic chassis, please call (704) 256-8067.


Street Turns

How will street turns be handled?

  • Per the DCLI Chassis Interchange Agreement, DCLI equipment should not be released to another carrier until it is properly street turned to that carrier. It is the responsibility of the out gate motor carrier to log into our website and assign the chassis to the street turned motor carrier’s SCAC code. If you assign a chassis to another trucking company, they must sign on to their vendor profile and accept the transfer. If the motor carrier on the other side of the intended street turn fails to accept the transfer or if there is a delay in acceptance, the charges for the equipment usage will remain with the out gate motor carrier. Additionally, if in an attempt to complete a street turn, you transfer possession of a chassis to a motor carrier who is not in good standing with DCLI, you will remain responsible with all charges associated with such chassis. Street turn instructions may be found here.

  • Street turns through the steamship line are only in relation to the container and not the chassis. The out gate motor carrier must still complete the street turn process for the chassis on DCLI’s website.


  • It is the responsibility of the motor carrier to advise CCM of a street turn made within any one of the six CCM pools. The Diversion Form must be filled out and submitted to

  • It is the responsibility of the motor carrier to advise the pool operator to whom DCLI contributes equipment, such as the BACP, WCMP, etc., of a street turn made within the chassis pool from which you are utilizing equipment.



I’m registered with the UIIA so why do I need to register with DCLI?

  • We are not signatories to the UIIA and it does not apply to any motor carrier’s usage of DCLI as its chassis provider (either in the DCLP or via the customer/choice rules of any multi-contributor pool). DCLI uses its own Interchange Agreements and maintains its own Insurance Requirements. In order to use DCLI equipment, you need to be registered with and approved by us. You can sign up online to start the process.