How We Support Agricultural Shippers

How We Support Agricultural Shippers

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DCLI and U.S. Agricultural Exporters:
Working together to strengthen the resilience of America’s agricultural supply chain.


International trade is critical to the success of agricultural exporters and the first step is getting goods from the fields to the ports. As the largest US intermodal chassis provider, we are proud to supply the equipment used to deliver containers loaded with agricultural exports to rail ramps in the nation’s heartland and to ports along our country’s coasts for final delivery to overseas markets.

In the face of strong headwinds during the pandemic and supply chain congestion that doubled the amount of time customers hold onto our assets, we have increased marine chassis on the street by 60% and brought out-of-service levels to all-time lows to keep agricultural exports moving.

In major inland and port markets, we have redeployed assets to areas of highest demand to improve service to agricultural shippers:

  • 4,000 more chassis on the street in Houston

  • 40% more chassis on the street in Chicago and Kansas City

  • Doubled the number of chassis on the street in Memphis

  • Support efforts at ports in Oakland and Seattle/Tacoma by providing chassis at off-dock facilities established by the NWSA and the USDA specifically to enable agricultural export shipments

We have invested $2 billion in our chassis fleet over the last decade. In addition, we will invest hundreds of millions of dollars this year alone in new units, chassis refurbishments, and upgrades to enhance our fleet and provide shippers with high-quality, reliable equipment that keeps agricultural exports moving.

We’re committed to the success of U.S. agricultural exporters and will continue to work with our partners to strengthen the resilience of America’s supply chain.

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