Radial Tire Conversion Tracking

Radial Tire Conversion Tracking

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We are working hard to reach our goal of 100% radial tires on our chassis fleet in the Gulf Port markets and Memphis.

Our original plan was to complete these markets in 2022. However, high utilization constrained our conversion volumes and we continue the effort to have these markets completed as soon as possible.

Benefits of converting our chassis to radial tires:

  • Reliability: The tread of a radial tire does a better job of gripping the road and provides improved durability

  • Protection: Radials have a thick shoulder that protects the interior from shocks and damage

  • Economy: There’s less rolling resistance so you use less fuel on radial tires

  • Stability: Radial tires provide more stability and less vibration

  • Durability: Radial tires last longer in part because they generate less heat

  • Sustainability: Radial tire conversion helps lower the number of tire changes per chassis each year saving approximately 60,000 tires annually while improving fuel efficiency to help lower fuel consumption by as much as 10%

The graphs below show the percentage of chassis that have been converted to radial tires.

We have reached 100% radialization in New Orleans and Mobile!
Read our press releases about achieving these milestones in New Orleans and Mobile.

Last Updated: August 29, 2023


Gulf Port Markets

Percent of DCLI Chassis Operating on Radial Tires in the Gulf Region


Percent of DCLI Chassis Operating on Radial Tires in Memphis