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Road Side Service

Chassis Road Service Provider

At DCLI, we have road service policies for our marine chassis and domestic chassis equipment. Please make sure you are referencing the correct policy for the equipment that you have.

Road Service Procedures

Need to know what to do and who to contact in the event of a road service emergency?

See our road service procedures for marine chassis.

See our road service procedures for domestic chassis.

Incident Reporting

Need to report an accident, or lost or stolen equipment?

Complete an incident report.

DVER Inspection Reporting

Looking to send DCLI the results of your Driver Vehicle Exception Report?

Submit your DVER.

DVIR Inspection Reporting

You can complete any post-trip Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports to notify DCLI of equipment defects.

Learn how to submit a DVIR.

Street Turn Instructions

Need to transfer possession of a chassis outside of a start/stop location?

Learn how to make a street turn.


REACH: Road Service at Your Fingertips

At DCLI, we use the innovative cloud-based, driver-focused REACH app to manage your road service requests.

Specially designed for the intermodal industry, REACH empowers drivers to request vehicle service and equipment inspections from their smartphones – anywhere, anytime.

How Does REACH Work?

REACH uses a simple process flow and on-demand service to save drivers an average of 53 minutes per event:

  1. Opened event – Drivers can call their office or use the app to create an event. An officer then assigns the event to service center, using system lists to determine the nearest, cheapest, default, or preferred provider.
  2. Event is submitted – The service center can accept or reject the event. If accepted, the service center will provide the driver with an estimated time of arrival.
  3. Service is in progress – At this point, the technician arrives and repairs or replaces equipment.
  4. Closed event – Once the service is complete, the technician keeps the reference number for invoicing and closes the event. We use the innovative cloud-based, driver-focused REACH app to manage your road service requests.

To learn more about REACH or to download the app, click here.