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How We Help Ocean Carriers

With the consolidation that has happened and continues in the ocean carrier market, you need to protect your margins. That means you need complete transparency from your operation, including up-to-the-minute information on chassis availability, so you can schedule, plan, and meet your demand.

Our legacy of exceptional service for ocean carriers means that we’re uniquely attuned to your specific needs and can provide the technology, resources, and expertise to grow your share of the market.

When you choose DCLI as your trusted partner, you benefit from:

  • Our track record of success developing and executing complex Integration Plans to ensure the right number of chassis are in the right place within the timeframe required
  • The ability to adapt and quickly respond to changes in demand
  • A technology platform that delivers accurate billing, customized reporting, and chassis-centric detail consistent with customer contracts
  • Our experienced, personalized, 360-degree account management supported by strategically located field offices
  • Access to a full range of high-quality equipment, continually updated, that’s younger than any other fleet in the industry

Download our Ocean Carrier Billing Process infographic to see how our process works.


No other IEP knows ocean carriers like we do. You can depend on DCLI.

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