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Become a DCLI
Road Service Vendor

Join our strong vendor network dedicated to providing a great trucker experience.

When you join our team of vendors at DCLI, you become part of a leading organization in the industry and can take advantage of our unparalleled opportunities and benefits.

All DCLI Road Service events are managed with REACH, an SAAS-based maintenance exchange.

  • REACH offers the most comprehensive customer and vendor access in the industry

  • REACH easily connects you with potential customers to expand your business

  • REACH provides active communication throughout each service event

Keeping our vendors informed and updated is our priority.

  • Ensures a smooth and efficient workflow

  • Delivers a better experience for both our vendors and our customers

By working with DCLI, you’ll gain access to our extensive customer base.

  • As the largest chassis provider in the industry, we have have a wide range of customers who constantly need reliable vendors

  • Provides you with the potential for consistent work and new business opportunities

  • Potential to gain recognition as a trusted and reputable vendor, attract new customers, and boost your sales

We understand the importance of timely and consistent payments.

  • You can rest assured that our payment processes are efficient and reliable

  • We believe in maintaining strong relationships with our vendors and timely payments are a crucial part of that commitment

We provide support for our vendors.

  • Our team is committed to assisting you in delivering top-quality service

  • We strive to provide exceptional customer and vendor support and ensure a positive experience for both customers and vendors with every event

Interested in becoming part of DCLI’s Road Service vendor network?

Fill out our New Road Service Vendor Request Form and a member of our Road Service team will contact you.