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53 Ft Domestic Chassis

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Key Benefits

  • Available for use at 100 start/stop locations across the network
  • Steel construction for strength and durability
  • Options for radial tires and LED lights
Please note: The below specifications and features are typical of DCLI’s fleet and not for any specific chassis. If you need exact specifications for a particular piece of equipment, please contact

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Chassis Specifications and Features

Carries one (1) 53' Domestic ISO container.
Meets all TOFC, AAR, DOT, FMVSS, ANSI, SAE, and TTMA specifications
Overall Length 53' 7" (excluding rear bumper)
Overall Width 96"
Fifth Wheel Height 48"±1"
Rear Deck Height 48"±1"
Kingpin Location 36" (from rear face of front bolster)
Axle Spread 49"
Tandem Location The tandem sliding range allows the distance between the center line of the king pin and the rear axle to be less than 40’ (California / Rhode Island Regulation)
Tare Weight 7,450 Lbs (±2%)
Steel Structure & Components
Material High-strength GR50 steel
Crossmember 1/8" x 3" wide x 9" deep channel
GN Beam 4” deep fabricated I-beam, 4” wide 5/8” thick top and bottom flange, Grade 80 steel
Rear Bolster 8" wide x 3/8" thick top plate with 6-7/8" wide x 1/4" thick “U” channel
Suspension Sliding mechanical
Axles 5" round axles with 22,500 lb capacity, 71-1/2" track, 16-1/2” x 7" Q Brake
Electrical 12 volt
Miscellaneous Standard marking, Conspicuity tape, Document holder, 24" X 24" rubber mud flap