A Day in the Life of the DCLI Field Operations Team

A Day in the Life of the DCLI Field Operations Team

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The US Post Office has an unofficial motto: “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” You can say the same motto applies to the men and women on DCLI’s Field Operations team. The phrases “boots on the ground”, “the front line”, and “the face of DCLI” also applies to these DCLI team members.

DCLI Field Operatives wear many different hats – not just the hard hats you’ll often see them sporting! Their work environment is one that can change at a moment’s notice: sunny one minute then a sky that looks like the world is ending the next.

The team also navigates all different types of terrain to keep up with DCLI’s chassis equipment. For example, a chassis can be found in a chassis yard, an overgrown field, or even on top of a scrap heap! Through all these challenges, DCLI’s Field Operatives maintain their professionalism while upholding DCLI’s Core Values, in particular the highest levels of safety for themselves and their colleagues. Their main goal is to make sure our customers receive top-quality service and best-in-class equipment.

So, what exactly is a DCLI Field Operative’s job? These team members not only pre-inspect and post-inspect equipment on a daily basis, they have a laundry list of other responsibilities to handle: from conducting inventory and tire audits to gathering chassis for a last-minute customer request. These folks would not be able to handle these responsibilities without their “mobile offices” – their DCLI work trucks. Field Operatives rely on their trucks for everything! Since these jobs are in the field, these team members don’t have the “creature comforts” of a typical office environment with restrooms, conference rooms, or break rooms. Their trucks are the one-stop shop for all office environment equivalencies. In addition, Field Operatives smartphones and laptops are their lifelines to the rest of the DCLI world.

DCLI Field Operative holds many responsibilities and work in an ever-changing environment. They take their jobs seriously and make our Core Value of Safety Always their top priority. For this group, nothing is more satisfying than accomplishing the goal of providing top-quality service to our customers.

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