DCLI Is Moving Memphis Forward

DCLI Is Moving Memphis Forward

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We are proud to support Memphis-area truckers and shippers.



At DCLI, we’ve invested almost $5 million and more than doubled the number of chassis available for Memphis drayage providers, both by adding new and refurbished equipment and by repositioning units into the market from other pools across the county. Our primary operating model in Memphis, Direct ChassisLink Pools (DCLP), gives us the flexibility and operational control necessary to make these smart decisions and timely investments to best serve our customers’ needs.

While some area truckers push to reduce competition through an operating model that would benefit them at the expense of others in the supply chain, this change would do nothing to alleviate supply chain congestion — in fact, it could make it worse. These challenges aren’t driven by chassis, but rather by unprecedented import volumes that have persisted for over a year and chassis dwell that is more than twice pre-pandemic levels.

Even with these headwinds, DCLI continues to aggressively support the Memphis market.

In 2022, we will invest hundreds of millions of dollars to add tens of thousands of new chassis to our national fleet. We will also continue to invest in our existing equipment, while getting our chassis in the Memphis market running 100% on radial tires. You can track our progress against that goal here.

Read more about our plan for supporting Memphis area intermodal truckers and shippers here.