Road Incident Reporting

Road Incident Reporting

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In the event of an accident or other road incident with a Marine or Domestic chassis, you are required to promptly notify DCLI and complete a Road Incident Report.

Immediately following an accident, the Motor Carrier should contact the appropriate law enforcement agency. Please note that DCLI Road Service DOES NOT provide assistance in these instances.

Reporting an Accident

To report an accident to DCLI, please follow the procedure outlined below:

  • Complete the Road Incident Report Form using Cloud Claims First Report and upload a copy of the police report and photographs. Please direct any subsequent document submissions and/or questions regarding your claim to

  • If the chassis was secured through a chassis pool, please also contact the pool manager to report the accident and complete any forms as directed

  • Contact your local insurance carrier to report the accident

Following the accident and in accordance with the above steps, DCLI will contact the Motor Carrier to determine the status of the chassis and provide further instruction. This may include, but is not limited to, repair of the chassis. These determinations are at the sole discretion of DCLI and will be communicated directly to the Motor Carrier.

  • If the chassis is deemed repairable, the Motor Carrier should coordinate the return of the chassis for estimation and repairs to the closest Start/Stop location. A list of “Specialty Chassis Locations” can be found at here.

  • If the chassis is deemed unrepairable, the Motor Carrier will be contacted to discuss options for retrieval/disposal of the equipment

  • At all times, the Motor Carrier is responsible for any charges associated with the towing, storage, and relocation of the chassis

Requesting a Replacement Chassis

If the chassis was secured through a chassis pool, the Motor Carrier should contact the pool manager to discuss a replacement.  If the chassis was secured through a net lease, the Motor Carrier should contact a DCLI sales representative to discuss replacement options.

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