We’re Investing Millions in Our Refurbished Chassis Program

We’re Investing Millions in Our Refurbished Chassis Program

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Providing Motor Carriers with the equipment they need to get the job done is important to us. That’s why we’re investing millions in our chassis refurbishment program.

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“We know that motor carriers rely on our equipment to do their jobs,” said Ron Joseph, COO and EVP of DCLI. “Our focus is on making sure that the equipment bearing the DCLI logo is up to the task for our customers and, to that end, we have invested $95 million dollars on chassis quality improvement initiatives.”

Watch our video to see how we refurbish chassis.



Our team meticulously inspects each refurb chassis and upgrades them with the following components:

  • New recap radial tires

  • New LED lights

  • New paint

  • New electrical receptacle

  • New glad hands

  • New air lines

  • New brake hoses

  • New electrical harness

  • New conspicuity tape

  • New mud flaps

  • New decals and markings

  • New slack adjusters

  • New camshaft bushings

  • New inner and outer bearings and races

  • New hub caps and seals

  • New drums

  • New brake shoes and hardware

  • New spring brakes

  • New wheel clamps, studs, and nuts

  • New emergency valve

Our refurbished chassis are available through Direct ChassisLink Leasing.

Learn more about our refurbished chassis here.