What is a Chassis?

What is a Chassis?

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A chassis, also referred to as a container chassis or an intermodal chassis, is a wheeled piece of equipment designed to carry containers between terminals, ports, railyards, depots, and shipping or warehouse facilities. A chassis is composed of a steel frame, braking system, lighting system, axles, and tires. Chassis are moved by motor carriers via truck.

Marine chassis: these chassis are mounted with a marine ISO container at terminals and ports. Standard equipment types include 23.5′ slider chassis, 40′ gooseneck chassis, 40’/45′ extendable chassis, 45′ gooseneck, 40′ lightweight gooseneck chassis, 20’/40′ combo tandem chassis. Specialty chassis include the 20′ triaxle slider chassis, 40′ triaxle chassis, triaxle anysizer chassis, and anysizer spreadaxle chassis. DCLI owns, leases, and manages over 151,000 marine chassis.

Domestic chassis: 53′ domestic chassis are specifically designed for 53′ domestic shipping containers at railyards and depots across the U.S. DCLI owns, leases, and manages 92,000 domestic chassis.


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