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DCLI Extends Premium Chassis Pool to Chicago

Direct ChassisLink, Inc. (“DCLI”) is pleased to announce that it has extended its Inland Premium Pool (IPPZ) – a reservation-based supply of premium DCLI chassis equipment that was first introduced in LA/Long Beach – to the south side of Chicago. This pool, conveniently located near CN’s Harvey Intermodal terminal at 281 East 155th Street in Harvey, Illinois, offers motor carriers and other drayage providers who operate in the bustling Chicago intermodal market another option when it comes to their chassis equipment.

As is the case at the LA/LB location, the assets available in this pool all come equipped with radial tires and LED lights – two of the most frequently requested equipment upgrades – and can be reserved via DCLI’s online reservation system. to ensure equipment availability. “With often long and expensive drays to retrieve chassis equipment in the Chicago market, our customers demand more convenient options,” said Ryan Houfek, chief commercial officer with DCLI. “IPPZ Chicago gives customers access to another chassis choice in one of the busiest inland locations in the country. Launching this new pool now will help relieve some of the peak-season pressure on the system. But it’s the quality of our equipment, the excellent customer service we provide, and the convenience of our location that will keep customers coming back to IPPZ Chicago when peak has passed.”

When an IPPZ Chicago chassis is reserved and picked up, truckers can keep it out for as long as the equipment is needed without worrying about chassis availability or switching out equipment with each move. IPPZ Chicago chassis are billed at the rate of $21.50 per day, and gate fees at Integrated Harvey are waived. IPPZ Chicago terms and conditions can be found on DCLI’s website.

Potential IPPZ Chicago customers can register to use the reservation system by signing up with DCLI. Current DCLI customers can simply log in and schedule a reservation.