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DCLI Opens Genset Pool in Newark and Savannah

Direct ChassisLink, Inc. (“DCLI”) is pleased to announce the launch of its brand-new intermodal equipment offering, Diesel Generator Sets (“Gensets”).

The DCLI Genset Pool provides customers with easy, efficient, reservation-based access to underslung gensets and DCLI chassis. The Genset Pool is available at two locations in Newark, NJ and one location in Savannah, GA. Customers who register to procure equipment from the Genset Pool have two options available to them. They can select “Genset Only” and arrive pulling their own chassis under which the genset will be mounted. Customers can also select “Genset + DCLI Chassis”. With this option, customers will be able to pick up a genset pre-mounted to a DCLI 40-foot gooseneck chassis that is equipped with radial tires and LED lights. The pre-mounted option provides even greater efficiency and gets customers in, out, and on their way to the port in the quickest possible timeframe – and with this option the mount/dismount fees are waived.

By procuring gensets from our near-dock locations, motor carriers can avoid the long equipment lines at the port, in which a trucker can spend up to 90 minutes on average. With genset units often in short supply, arriving for a reefer pick up with the chassis and genset already in tow will ensure motor carriers are efficiently moving their refrigerated cargo instead of searching the port for the right equipment.

“We understand that transporting reefer containers is some of the most time-sensitive work that our customers take on,” said Ryan Houfek, chief commercial officer of DCLI. “Expanding our equipment offering to include gensets is just one more way that DCLI is helping our customers become more productive”
The equipment in DCLI’s Genset Pool is available by reservation only. Whether customers need just the genset for their own chassis or want it pre-mounted to a DCLI chassis, the reservation system is simple to use and guarantees that the selected equipment will be available when they need it.

Customers can register to use the Genset Pool by signing up with DCLI. Additional details about DCLI’s Genset Pool, including start/stop locations, hours of operation, and daily rates can be found on our website.