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How DCLI Reduces Waste

Protecting the environment is important to everyone in the DCLI family, which is why we have such a strong focus on sustainability initiatives. By continuously upgrading our chassis fleet with longer-lasting components and technology, we’re making a significant impact in waste reduction.

Radial Tire Conversion

Since our radial tire conversion program began in 2014, we’ve converted more than 14,000 existing chassis to radials and purchased over 7,000 new pieces of equipment outfitted with radials. Based on our M&R records, the conversion resulted in two fewer tire changes per chassis each year, saving over 60,000 tires annually.

The bias-ply tires and old rims that are removed from our chassis are recycled. Since the program’s inception, we have recycled more than 26.3 million pounds of tires and over 5.4 million pounds of steel rims.

Radial tires also create better fuel efficiency, with research showing as much as a ten-percent reduction in fuel consumption as a result of switching to radials.

LED Conversion

We’re also transitioning our entire fleet from incandescent lights to LEDs. Incandescent lights on our chassis have an average two-year lifespan, but LED lights are expected to last 11.5 years. By increasing the life expectancy of our lights by a factor of five, we are significantly reducing waste across our entire fleet.

Our commitment to sustainability enables us to develop new programs that decrease our impact on the environment, and we look forward to providing new solutions that support the sustainability of your organization, as well.


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