Core Values Context: Safety Always by Ron Joseph, COO

Core Values Context: Safety Always by Ron Joseph, COO

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At DCLI, our Core Values are the way we do business. Core Values Context is a series of articles written by DCLI’s leadership team. In each article, a member of that team will share insights about what the selected Core Value means to him.

SAFETY ALWAYS is one of DCLI’s Core Values. One of the company’s most important responsibilities is to keep all team members safe from harm by creating safe working and operating environments.

Field team members spend much of their time managing and maintaining our chassis fleet while working on busy marine terminals and rail ramps. Traffic incidents are frequent at these locations where heavy equipment is used to load and unload ships and move freight from place to place. The work is fast-paced, conducted at any time of the day or year, and often performed in inclement weather.

To help ensure the safety and well-being of these team members, the company prescribes the use of safety vests, hard hats, protective glasses, and steel-toed shoes. In addition, individuals are required to attend safety training and to follow rules and regulations put in place by local and federal agencies. DCLI also stresses driver safety on and off the terminals for those who operate company vehicles.

Another important aspect of our safety effort is ensuring the safety of the traveling public. Every day, thousands of our chassis hit America’s highways sharing the road with our families, friends, and neighbors. As a company, we have a responsibility to maintain our chassis to the highest standards to promote operational safety and the prevention of accidents and injuries. To that end, all chassis undergo a pre-use and post-use inspection to ensure they come and go from the terminals in safe condition.

Safety is the responsibility of each of us. We work to make Safety Always a priority at our home office as well as in our operating environments.

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