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The Competitive Chassis Pool

Intermodal Equipment Providers (IEPs) like DCLI have invested billions of dollars in the nation’s chassis fleet since beginning operations in the early 2010s. These investments generated substantial improvements in safety and, for DCLI, in the quality of our assets allowing us to deliver a better motor carrier experience through our DCLP competitive pools. The competitive chassis pool model is the preferred model nearly everywhere in the U.S., outperforming and replacing gray pools nationwide. By contrast, single pool management removes buying power from American truckers restricting choice for motor carriers and creating disincentives for ongoing capital investments in chassis assets making it bad for shippers, ports, and the vast majority of drayage owner-operators.


The competitive chassis pool model is the true model of choice, driving strong competition and innovation in a free and open market among providers of American-owned chassis. Under this model, customers retain maximum purchasing power as chassis providers compete for their business by providing quality equipment while ensuring inventory availability where customers need chassis the most.


Intermodal equipment providers invested billions of dollars over the past 10 years to revive dilapidated assets—today, we are key contributors to the safest chassis pool fleet on record. The competitive pool model creates incentives to upgrade safety features, like radial tires, LED lights, and automatic braking systems. A gray pool model would slam the brakes on future capital investments and halt technology innovation leaving thousands of U.S. drayage companies to rely on decaying assets while shouldering increased liabilities under this anti-competitive model.

Dependability and Efficiency

The competitive pool model delivers tailored service to individual markets ensuring maximum chassis availability even in times of record demand. DCLI has more than 150,000 marine chassis operating at over 450 start/stop locations across the country. Our ability to operate them at near full interoperability demonstrates that high efficiency can be achieved without imposing a monopoly gray pool model.


Downloadable Materials

Chassis Pool Models: Explained

It's more important than ever to understand how the different chassis pool rental models prioritize safety and affect the trucker's bottom line.

Competitive Pool Fact Sheet

The competitive chassis pool model offers maximum choice, safety, and dependability.

Social Media Graphics

A handful of powerful interests want to avoid competing in the open market and instead are advocating for a government-mandated chassis pool model that would benefit them and harm shippers, ports and the vast majority of drayage owner-operators. Use these graphics to share on social media the facts about the differences between the competitive chassis pool model of choice and the restrictive monopoly single gray pool. When sharing remember that it’s #MyChassisChoice.

Chassis Pools in the News

The competitive chassis pool model is the preferred model nearly everywhere in the U.S., outperforming and replacing gray pools nationwide. See how chassis choice is being covered in the news.

Congress’ Government Accountability Office (GAO) recently evaluated the chassis industry and did not recommend any legislative or regulatory changes.
- Key finding from the GAO report - a link to the report is on the left

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