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Direct ChassisLink Pools (DCLP)

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With DCLP, our aim is to deliver a great trucker experience with our chassis pools.



DCLI has invested in the quality and operational efficiency of our proprietary Direct ChassisLink Pools (DCLP) across the country with the goal of transforming the way that chassis work within the intermodal supply chain:

  • $250 million invested in new build chassis
  • $85 million invested in equipment quality upgrades
  • 140,000 chassis operating on radial tires
  • 90% of our chassis fleet has LED lights
  • 450+ start/stop locations at ports, terminals, CYs, and rail ramps

We continue to work on every aspect of our proprietary pools to ensure that you have access to reliable, quality chassis when and where you need them:

We’re proud of how far we’ve come and are excited to achieve our ultimate goal – becoming your chassis partner of choice.