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Direct Billing

Do you want to leverage your knowledge of the volume of moves and amount of dwell you’ll have this year to reduce costs?

Consider Direct Billing with DCLI

With a direct billing agreement, you get the convenience of using our extensive network of well-maintained pool chassis combined with the opportunity for significant savings over our published daily market rates. By, essentially, partnering with DCLI as your chassis provider of choice, we can offer you an agreement that meets your cost-saving objectives and is still backed by our high-quality equipment, experienced logistics and operations personnel, and industry-leading technology.


Direct Billing Fits the Bill

Our direct billing agreements can benefit your business wherever you sit in the supply chain:

  • Motor Carriers can take advantage of volume-based incentives on all their moves
  • BCOs can take back control on this important part of the delivery process while saving money

Direct billing is available across CCM and non-CCM pools alike so you can save no matter where your moves take you.