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40 Ft Lightweight Gooseneck Chassis

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Key Benefits

  • Available for lease
  • Steel construction for strength and durability
  • Comes standard with new radial tires, auto tire inflation system, anti-lock braking system, and LED lights
  • Option to add GPS
Please note: The below specifications and features are typical of DCLI’s fleet and not for any specific chassis. If you need exact specifications for a particular piece of equipment, please contact

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Chassis Specifications and Features

Carries one (1) 40' or one (1) 45' ISO or HI Cube Container
Meets all TOFC, AAR, DOT, FMVSS, ISO, ANSI, SAE, and TTMA specifications
Overall Length 41'
Overall Width 96"
Fifth Wheel Height 48"
Rear Deck Height 47"
Landing Gear Location 125"
Axle Spread 49" (tandem)
Tare Weight 5,090 Lbs (±3%)
Steel Structure & Components
Material Main rails are structural I-Beam; all others are of ASTM A572 Grade 50
Main Beams 14 3/4" 13 1/2" deep fabricated I-Beam with 130,000 psi yield steel continuous flanges
King Pin 1/4" pick up plate with 2" diameter king pin
Landing Gear Two-speed gears, 17" travel
Hubs & Drums Aluminum hub and centrifuge drum assembly, 10-hole hub piloted
Brakes 16 1/2" x 7" quick-change brakes with non-asbestos lining
Rims (8) Aluminum 8.25" x 22.5 10-hole tubeless type
Tires (8) 255/75R22.5 radial tires 16 ply
Brake System Valve system for service and emergency brakes. 2S/1M ABS system
Paint Urethane topcoat
Crossmember I-Beam cross members
Suspension Overslung tandem 49" spread w/ undermount fabricated hangers
Axles 71 1/2" track w/ long cams, 5" round, 22, 500 lbs. each rated w/ PSI ATIS
Electrical 12-volt w/ modular wiring and plug type connectors and 7-way pin electrical plug for ABS system; sealed wire harnesses; sealed grommets and lights