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Trucker General Information

For quicker processing of truckers at APMT we encourage all drivers to take chassis with minor repairs through roadability. For assistance locating a chassis on APMT, please contact the below on site staff:

Tom Quigley – 908-558-6114, cell 908-566-7755

Ray Shepard – 908-558-6149, cell 908-577-6551

 Please note that this information is also updated on our website daily at

CHS16 is the bare chassis release booking for most locations PLEASE NOTE FOR THE CSX LOCATIONS THEY REQUIRE AN EMAIL RELEASE FROM DCLI


A rate increase will go into effect February 1st, 2015; the new rate for the Northeast region will be $20.25 per calendar day.

NO bare chassis drop off or pick up will be allowed at the CSX South Kearny without authorization.

Effective immediately chassis will no longer be allowed to migrate into NYCT.  If a mounted chassis originates from another terminal, it or one of the same size must be taken back out and terminated at the original terminal.  If the trucker fails to do so, they will be billed a $250.00 migration fee.  Truckers may use the general release, CHS16 to out-gate from NYCT

Effective 9/26/13, the gate at Ironbound is CLOSED to ALL DCLI chassis.

Any container that is taken into Ironbound on a DCLI chassis will be immediately dismounted and truckers will be required to return the chassis to APMT/Berth 88. Bare chassis can still be taken out, but will need to be returned to APMT/Berth 88.

Direct ChassisLink update for the Norfolk/Portsmouth area:

 Please be advised that effective February 1, 2014 Direct ChassisLink Inc. (DCLI) will no longer offer chassis for use in conjunction with moves sourcing from and to any location currently serviced by the Hampton Roads Chassis Pool (HRCP). DCLI Stop/Start locations in Norfolk/Portsmouth will be closed.

The following conditions apply:

  • DCLI will have no chassis available in the Norfolk/Portsmouth market.
  • Should a DCLI chassis be taken into the Norfolk/Portsmouth area it will need to be returned to its point of origin. No termination of DCLI equipment in Norfolk will be possible.
  • If the chassis is not returned and is left in the Norfolk/Portsmouth area, truckers will be billed a migration fee of $750.00 per chassis, in addition to any applicable storage and gate charges applied by the terminals.

Direct ChassisLink update for the New England area:

Effective October 14th 2013 the Mansfield CY location will no longer be a start/stop location.

Additionally, also effective October 14th 2013 no chassis will be allowed to migrate to Intransit Container Stackbridge CSX (Worcester) location. All containers should be dismounted and the chassis returned to the location it originated from. Failure to return the same chassis or one of the same size will result in a migration fee of $500.00 per chassis.

 *Note 40/45-ft sliders are accounted for by the position they are in. Stretching a 40-ft can accommodate your 45-ft booking.

**Please note that the PNCT Polaris Street Depot will only release chassis for containers that are picking up from the PNC Terminal.

 Motor Carriers can use the DCLI chassis fleet to support any ocean lines container booking.