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Attention New York/New Jersey Motor Carriers:

July 17, 2015


Due to recently announced changing vessel call schedules at APMT and NYCT, DCLI has experienced a temporary tightening of chassis supply to meet the operational requirements of our core ocean carrier customers (Maersk, MSC and Hamburg-Sud) in the New York/New Jersey market.  In order to increase chassis availability in the region, DCLI is taking the following immediate actions:


  • DCLI will infuse 500 chassis over the next few weeks into the NY/NJ market
  • DCLI is actively working with our contract repair vendors to increase the availability of ILA mechanics to repair DCLI equipment and is committed to working weekends and overtime to maximize chassis availability
  • DCLI is developing a joint operating plan with our terminal operator partners to reduce the number of non-Maersk, MSC and Hamburg-Sud containers loaded onto DCLI chassis at APMT, PNCT and NYCT.
  • DCLI is requesting the assistance of the Association of Bi-State Motor Carriers to attempt to limit the on-terminal selection of DCLI bare chassis for use for non-core DCLI ocean carriers at APMT, PNCT and NYCT terminals.  However, DCLI will not limit, at this time, the street interchange of DCLI chassis for any ocean carrier container movement by motor carriers


DCLI believes the tightening of chassis availability is temporary and the steps outlined above will improve chassis supply for DCLI customers and for general market use.  Therefore, DCLI rescinds the $200.00 “unauthorized use” fee announced on July 16th and it will not become effective on July 24th as previously announced.  DCLI will closely monitor chassis supply over the next few weeks and we are confident that with the cooperation of all our stakeholder partners that no additional actions will be required to ensure chassis availability for Maersk, MSC and Hamburg-Sud.  We appreciate your support of our initiatives and we strive to provide the best chassis service to all of our business partners in the New York/New Jersey market.