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New TPNP process at Husky

A new bare chassis program is now available for truckers using TPNP Chassis to pull MOL and HMM containers out of Husky Terminal in Tacoma.

East Sitcum Terminal (formerly OCT) / Husky dual transaction express lanes start Aug. 7


Trucks terminating empties or exports at East Sitcum Terminal (OCT) and bob-tailing out to go to Husky Terminal to pick up an import load can now keep the TPNP chassis from OCT and access Husky through a new Express Lane at Lot F.

Starting Aug. 7. The express traffic will use lanes 9 and 10.
Please note: There is a bare chassis release for drivers posted at the East Sitcum Terminal’s (OCT) outgate pedestal.

To be eligible to enter the express lanes the driver must: 

  1. Complete their first leg of the transaction at East Sitcum Terminal. (OCT)
  2. Be pulling a bare TPNP chassis out of OCT and into Husky.