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Pool of Pools – LA/LB: Pools of Pools Website


Attention! Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach Motor Carriers and members of the Intermodal Community!

A new website is now available that will provide greater access to information and user tools to help use the assets of the Pool of Pools more efficiently.

The operating members of the Pool of Pools, Flexi-van, Trac, and DCLI have established a website to give greater visibility to chassis operations.

Motor Carriers, ports and liner companies can access the website and immediately be directed to a suite of reports designed to address issues such as chassis availability, and stop/start locations.

Go to  and see how this new site can help with your business!

The “Pool of Pools” (POP), is an arrangement between the three major pools in LA/LB. DLCP (DCLI), TPSP (TRAC) and FLBP (Flexi-van) through a usage agreement between the pools to create chassis interoperability encompassing a combined fleet of approximately 80,000 chassis with an expanded set of 16 common start/stop locations covering the major Marine and Rail Facilities in the port complex.

Under the “Pool of Pools” operation, any chassis in the combined fleet can be utilized by any party who is an authorized user in one or more of the aforementioned pools. A chassis in the combined fleet can be utilized or dropped at any location named in the expanded set of stop/start locations, This “gray fleet” will increase overall efficiency and availability while eliminating chassis splits.”