Core Values Context: Integrity by Mike O’Malley, SVP Government & Public Relations

Core Values Context: Integrity by Mike O’Malley, SVP Government & Public Relations

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At DCLI, our Core Values are the way we do business. Core Values Context is a series of articles written by DCLI’s leadership team. In each article, a member of that team will share insights about what the selected Core Value means to them.

DCLI defines INTEGRITY as follows: We are honest in all matters, choosing what is right above all else.

As a company that interacts with partners throughout the global supply chain, there are several ways in which our team practices this core value of integrity each and every day.

First, we deal in an open and honest way in our relationships with both customers and suppliers. DCLI’s success is built on a strong foundation of trust – that we will serve our customers with integrity while always acting in their best interests. To do this, the relationships we have with our suppliers are key as they are vital partners in helping us meet our customers’ supply chain needs.

Second, that same honest approach allows us to build longstanding, mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders across the supply chain, including port authorities, terminal operators, and others. While we may not have direct commercial relationships with these entities, they play a crucial role in the global supply chain. These stakeholders work much more effectively with companies and individuals that deal with them in an honest and forthright way.

Finally, integrity is particularly important when dealing with regulators, elected officials, non-profits, and the media. With these groups, we look to cultivate strong relationships built on mutual respect and an understanding that all parties must work together to safely and sustainably move goods while complying with all applicable laws and regulations.

Across all of these areas, our employees are the key to conducting business with integrity – they demonstrate to all outside parties that our company is built on a culture of honesty.

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