Core Values Context: Social Responsibility by Kristine McFadden, VP of HR

Core Values Context: Social Responsibility by Kristine McFadden, VP of HR

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At DCLI, our Core Values are the way we do business. Core Values Context is a series of articles written by DCLI’s leadership team. In each article, a member of that team will share insights about what the selected Core Value means to them.


DCLI defines SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, one of our Core Values, as follows:

We are committed to the well-being of the communities we serve and contribute to the cause through our individual and company resources.

As an organization, DCLI has publicly expressed its intention to be responsible citizens of our communities. Supporting our local communities by giving our time and resources makes us better individuals and corporate citizens. Whether we contribute out of compassion or because we’re asked, by doing so we answer a higher calling to support our fellow man. An example of this value in action was the “sock drive” held at our corporate office in Charlotte to support the Salvation Army’s Center of Hope. We had an awesome response and filled an entire car with socks (pictured to the right) donated by our employees showing that we truly “walk the talk” of our Core Values.


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In addition to our direct contributions to charitable efforts, we model Social Responsibility through our sustainability efforts as well. Socially responsible companies operate in an ethical and sustainable way, dealing with their social and environmental impacts, carefully considering human rights, the community, the environment, and the society in which they operate.

There are many business benefits to operating this way. A recent consumer survey found that 91% of global consumers expect businesses to operate responsibly to address social and environmental issues. Additionally, 84% of consumers say they seek out responsible products and companies wherever possible.

DCLI reports on our sustainability initiatives regularly:

  • We have programs in place to reduce our waste stream including a water bottle refill station that has eliminated over 15,000 plastic bottles, recycling 2.6 million pounds of steel from rims, and 27 million pounds of rubber from tires

  • We participate in the EPA’s WasteWise program

  • We are converting our chassis fleet from bias ply to radial tires, which last longer and thereby produce less waste

  • We’ve set efficiency KPIs for our chassis repositioning efforts to cut down on unnecessary emissions and improve productivity

Regardless of what motivates us, giving of ourselves and supporting sustainability efforts are noble endeavors that elevate those around us and help to improve our world – now and for future generations.