Core Values Context: Respect by Nagesh Galivity, CIO

Core Values Context: Respect by Nagesh Galivity, CIO

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At DCLI, our Core Values are the way we do business. Core Values Context is a series of articles written by DCLI’s leadership team. In each article, a member of that team will share insights about what the selected Core Value means to them.

Respect for others goes deeper than politeness and a smile. Respect is demonstrated when an individual – regardless of position, tenure, race, gender, education, etc. – is treated as an equal. Treating others with respect validates our belief in the inherent value and equality of all people.

The DCLI culture is founded on the principles of dignity and respect. It is part of our DNA to practice common courtesy and decency; to include others when relevant; to value others’ time and workloads; to practice transparency; and to engage with others in a mutually considerate way.

Practicing mutual respect helps us achieve our business goals in an environment that is free of stress, conflict, and problems. It also increases and improves communication between colleagues. As respect increases, understanding, collaboration, productivity, and innovation are accelerated.

At DCLI, we place great emphasis on hiring those individuals who understand and practice the idea of mutual respect for colleagues, customers, and business partners.

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