Investing in a Great Trucker Experience

Investing in a Great Trucker Experience

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As the largest provider of chassis equipment to the US intermodal industry, DCLI is committed to delivering a great trucker experience. That’s why we’ve made the largest capital investment in our company’s history this year.

Here are just some of the investments that we’ve made:

  • $1 billion in fleet enhancements in 2022/2023 by adding new marine and domestic chassis and refurbishing our existing equipment

  • 258,000 chassis in operation with more brand-new units being added to the fleet every day

  • $7 million invested in bias-ply to radial tire conversions delivering both performance and sustainability benefits

  • $190 million spent on chassis maintenance and repair resulting in high-quality equipment and a better customer experience

But we’re not stopping there.

We continue to work on every aspect of our business to ensure that you have access to dependable chassis – from completing the radialization of our DCLP and domestic fleets in 2024 to expediting roadside service through personnel investments and process improvements.

We do all this to ensure that DCLI is your chassis partner of choice.