DCLI Chassis Fleet Enhancements Support Company’s Drive to Be the Pool of Choice in the Gulf and Southeast

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Published On - 08.28.20

DCLI Chassis Fleet Enhancements Support Company’s Drive to Be the Pool of Choice in the Gulf and Southeast

Reading Time - 3 mins
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DCLI continues investment in new equipment, technology enhancements, and chassis improvements.

To better serve motor carrier customer needs, Direct ChassisLink, Inc. (“DCLI”) has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in recent years to add new equipment and upgrade the chassis in our Direct ChassisLink Pool (DCLP) proprietary fleet. This initiative is a strategic priority for our company as we continue our commitment to being the industry’s chassis pool of choice.

This week, we announced the addition of 1,000 new chassis to our DCLP serving the Gulf region. These brand-new 40-foot gooseneck chassis are now available for use at various start/stop locations. “Our decision to exit the GCCP gray pool earlier this year provided us with an opportunity to upgrade our equipment and better serve truckers across the region,” said Ryan Houfek, DCLI’s chief commercial officer. “Because we manage the pool directly, we have better control over the equipment and lower operating costs, making this type of investment beneficial for both DCLI and our customers.”

In addition to adding new equipment, we are also upgrading the chassis already in our fleet. We have invested over $100 million in equipment upgrades like radial tires and LED lights to enhance safety and improve the quality of our national fleet. Currently, 85% of DCLI chassis have LED lights and we are committed to 100% conversion to radial tires by 2023. In some markets, such as Memphis and the Gulf Ports, the radial conversion process will be completed by mid-2021, and we invite you to track progress on our website.

We are also constantly looking for new ways to enhance the driver experience through technology. Earlier in the year, we piloted two programs in Memphis:

  • Our Chassis Reservation System lets drivers hold a chassis type of their choice for pick up at a convenient location to ensure its availability for their specific moves. While still being tested, this system is designed to help guarantee chassis availability when inventories become constrained.

  • Our Smart Chassis program deploys numerous technology enhancements including GPS; remote monitoring of ABS, tire inflation, wheel bearing temperature, and lights; and container and air tank sensors. These smart features are designed to help improve the performance, safety, and reliability of our chassis giving the drivers who use them added peace of mind.

“Our focus on fleet enhancements and delivering the best possible driver experience through investment in technology and our equipment is core to our company’s success,” said Bill Shea, chief executive officer of DCLI. “We have an uncompromising dedication to the men and women who use our equipment and know they count on DCLI to never let them down.”