DCLI Invites People to Post their “Picture with a PATRIOT”

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Published On - 09.12.22

DCLI Invites People to Post their “Picture with a PATRIOT”

Reading Time - 3 mins
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With its social media campaign, DCLI targets raising $5000 by the end of the year for America’s Mighty Warriors, a charity that supports veterans, the fallen, and their families.

Direct ChassisLink, Inc. (“DCLI”) is pleased to announce the launch of a new social media campaign called “Picture with a PATRIOT”. This initiative highlights DCLI’s newest domestic 53-foot PATRIOT Edition chassis manufactured in Haleyville, Alabama by Fontaine Trailer. Fontaine donates a portion of the proceeds from each purchase of a PATRIOT edition chassis to America’s Mighty Warriors. Our campaign will supplement this charitable program.

The campaign works as follows:

  1. Find one of DCLI’s new PATRIOT chassis. They’re easy to spot with their distinctive Desert Tan color and American flag stencil. You can find one on the promenade at this year’s IANA Intermodal EXPO in Long Beach, California
  2. Take your “Picture with a PATRIOT”
  3. Post your selfie to social media using the hashtag #DCLIPatriot

For every post, DCLI will donate $100 to America’s Mighty Warriors, up to a maximum donation of $5000.*

“Social Responsibility is one of DCLI’s Core Values and part of that value is supporting worthy charities,” said Mike O’Malley, senior vice president u2013 Government and Public Relations and Human Resources. “We have many DCLI employees who are veterans including members of our leadership team. We believe this campaign is a great way to raise awareness for this cause and share some fun photos of folks in our supply chain community while doing it.”

Follow DCLI on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to see all of the “Picture with a PATRIOT” posts.

* One photo per person per week allowed. DCLI will donate up to $5000 max. The donation will be made in January 2023.