Hurricane Idalia

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Published On - 08.29.23

Hurricane Idalia

Reading Time - 2 mins
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The Latest on Hurricane Idalia

Idalia has strengthened into a hurricane and is expected to rapidly intensify into a Category 3 by the time it makes landfall Wednesday morning, most likely in Florida’s Big Bend region.


*Image shown is as of 08/29/2023


There may be closures. We encourage you to continue checking with your local sources for the latest developments.


The best and safest course of action is to return any unneeded DCLI chassis that are currently in your possession to an authorized start/stop location. Doing this will not only protect the equipment from damage as much as possible but will also enable us to account for and inspect the equipment in a more streamlined and centralized fashion should any storm damage occur.


*Please Note: For equipment that is on terminal, please make sure it is properly secured and parked in the safest possible location (removed from low-lying areas that could flood and away from any potential falling debris).


We are standing by to assist you with any questions you may have. For Marine customers, you can email for assistance and Domestic customers can email You can also reply to this message.