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Our History

DCLI History


Our History of Growth

Since 2009, DCLI has generated consistent growth through expansion, acquisition, and innovation.

We pioneered the exit of ocean carriers from the chassis business and recently expanded into the domestic market. Today, we serve ocean carriers, motor carriers, beneficial cargo owners, and domestic shippers.

With over 500 locations on or near key port facilities and intermodal hubs throughout the U.S., we now own or manage more than 260,000 marine and domestic chassis and are the largest intermodal equipment provider in the industry.

Legacy of Success

Our investments in fleet improvements have kept our marine and domestic chassis operating above and beyond industry quality standards. Adding brand new equipment and upgrading chassis to radial tires and LED lights are examples of our strategic commitment to quality. It’s a strategy backed by some of the most experienced logistics and operations professionals in the game.

We’re proud of the legacy we’ve created over the past 13 years and we look forward to decades more of intermodal success.

See How Far We’ve Come

2009 – 2010:

  • DCLI was incorporated
  • Three primary customers
  • First daily rental model started in New Jersey
  • 64,000+ chassis

2011 – 2013:

  • Acquired by LittleJohn & Co.
  • Joined CCM pools
  • Built out our daily rental model to all markets
  • Became GACP pool manager
  • 80,000+ chassis

2014 – 2015:

  • Created Pool of Pools in Los Angeles/Long Beach
  • Acquired Specialty chassis fleet from Penn Leasing
  • Began our investment in radial tire and LED light conversion
  • Blume Global investment (formerly REZ-1)
  • 117,000+ chassis


  • Acquired by EQT Partners
  • Expanded into Specialty chassis leasing
  • Launched Genset pool
  • Formed several off-dock chassis pools
  • 136,000+ chassis

2018 – 2019:

  • Acquired by Apollo Funds, affiliates of Apollo Global Management
  • Acquired Domestic chassis fleet from TRAC Intermodal
  • Became the world’s largest chassis leasing and pool operating company
  • Wells Fargo fleet acquisition
  • 230,000+ chassis

2020 – 2021:

  • Accelerated radial tire conversions
  • 85% of chassis fleet operating with LED lights
  • Invested $85M in refurb and quality upgrades
  • Customer service and account management expansion
  • 243,000+ chassis


  • Invested $1B in chassis fleet additions and upgrades
  • 90% of chassis fleet operating with LED lights
  • Acquired by GIC, OMERS Infrastructure, and Wren House
  • 260,000+ chassis